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Do you want Access to Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida to go atving or 4x4ing?


Enjoy Atving, Hunting and more.


We are local in the area, see us in person to get your lot and key.


We are available 7 days a week.


Please call, text or email us.


This access deed for sale qualifies for ownership of land in Suburban Estates in Holopaw Florida.


Access Deed 1.24 acre price as listed below and recording fee all included.



Note: Gate Lock Changed 10-1-2021

New Key


 These Lots are owned by a local company in Holopaw Florida

Thank you, Land In The USA Inc.


Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida Lot



For Sale Lot SE322-1E is 1.24 acres, Cash price $5,900.00

Recording fees included in price.

You can put this in 4 names and order 4 keys

You order your keys from the club for $50.00 each

Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida Recreational Land


Lot SE322-1E

Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida Recreational Land






Suburban Estates

Suburban Estates Holopaw



Suburban Estates

Suburban Estates Holopaw




Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida Gate



Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida Map




This is an ownership in a cheap wet lot to become a landowner to be able to have a gate key to get in.

Prices subject to change.


Land in Florida is becoming harder to find for Atv users.

As there are less places to ride, Suburban Estates is fun and a legal place to go four wheeling.


Being a landowner in Suburban Estates you will gain access to over 10,000 acres for recreational use.

Suburban Estates runs about 5 miles at its widest point east and west and about 5 miles north and south.

Bring your family and friends to enjoy riding the many off road trails that run all over the Suburban Estates.


Atv's, Swamp Buggies, Side by sides, track vehicles, 4x4 pickup trucks, jeeps, 6x6's and monster trucks are permitted.

Horseback riding has been seen out there to but not to often.


Do you like to hunt?  Hunting is done mostly up in the northern section.

This is not a hunting lease, owning land in Suburban Estates allows to hunt different types of game.

Hunt deer, wild hog and turkey.

The Florida Fish and Game Wildlife Commission hunting rules apply at Suburban Estates.

Also Wild Hog can be hunted all year long here.


Call or Text Keith 863-336-5522 or 609-703-4567


Buying property here is simple.

Contact us by text or email with name and addess you want on the deed.

Then we will prepare a contract and email it to you.

or I may have a contract and key on me for you to fill out to buy a lot and get a key.

Before you know you could have your own lot and order your own key to get in the gate.


Entrance is at the Yellow rusty gate 3 miles down a dirt road at the end of Holopaw Groves Road, Saint Cloud Florida 34773

Gate entrance is 24 hours a day using your gate key.




Properties are for sale by owner.  We are not a real estate agent.

This does not constitute an offer where prohibited by law.

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